Ball valves
Ball valve - DN 100 - stainless steel 316L
1x Ball valve, Gachot, ss 316L, GAD DN 150-100, PN 25, 100 mm diameter, provided with dairy couplings, incl. adaptors for flange connection, pneumatic actuator
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Bin dischargers
used silo carry out conus
1x Bin discharger, Matcon, ss, inlet 680 mm dia., outlet 250 mm dia., flange at bottom and top, overcomes "bridging", "ratholes", "flushing" and "segregation"
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Butterfly Valves
Jacob stainless steel throttle valve 400 mm
2x Butterfly Valve, Jacob, 1993, ss, 400 mm dia., 400 mm h.,
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Stainless steel butterfly valve DN 300 with actuator
1x Butterfly Valve, Warex, 300 mm dia., DN 300, stainless steel valve (1.4408), stainless steel shaft (1.4057), seal EPDM white, operating pressure max. 2 bar, provided with double acting Ex actuator (DR300 A F07F10-N-D-22 Ex II 2GD), a separate new food-grade seal is included
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Butterfly valve DN 250 with actuator and positioner
6x Butterfly Valve, Bray, 250 mm dia., series 30, DN 250, PN 12 bar, EPDM seat, disc coated with Nylon 11, max. temp. 121 degree C., provided with Bray series 92 double acting actuator and Bray series 6A electro-pneumatic i/p positioner II2G Ex with display, 4-20 mA
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GEA Tuchenhagen butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator - 1
3x Butterfly Valve, GEA Tuchenhagen, 1 inch stainless steel 316 type butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator type PAMS-93/Gr.1, connections welding end/welding end
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